Footswitch FS2 Loop

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Footswitch FS2 Loop

With the FS2 footswitch you can change between the Cleanchannel, Gain 1 and Gain 2. The switching states are indicated by a red and green LED.

As a special feature of the FS1, the "FS2 Loop" includes an FX loop, which can be used to assign effects to either the clean channel or the lead channel. This makes it possible, for example, to have a multi-effect before the clean-
Channel, without having to accept smears during the lead sound. The "FS 2 Loop" can also be used with amplifiers
Of other brands provided that they use the same switching logic.

The robust housing consists of a powder coated steel plate with 4 holes on the bottom side for fixing the FS1 on a board. Alternatively, the included rubber feet can also be attached.

A 3 meter long 6.3 mm stereo cable for amplifier connection is also included.

- Handcrafted in Germany.
- Other useful hints for this product are explained in this
product video.

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